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What To Do To Prepare and Recover From Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
X-ray image of wisdom teeth at Oral Solutions NW. Wisdom teeth usually emerge as the last set of teeth, and this late arrival can be painful and cause discomfort, which may require extraction through surgery in some cases. Impacted wisdom teeth may need surgical intervention to remove them to avoid additional dental issues.

How To Get Ready for the Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal is standard in many dental outpatient offices; however, you must prepare and enquire about the activities before and during the surgery. More so, it is necessary to consult your dental surgeon for more clarification.

Preparation Pre-surgery

Once your dental surgeon has offered approval for surgery, you can prepare for the wisdom teeth removal surgery. First, maintain the regular daily dental routine of brushing and flossing. Second, schedule time off for the day of surgery and also for recovery days. Third, arrange a ride home from the surgery to avoid being alone in case you have complications. If our surgeon recommends consuming post-surgery foods, buy them and have them ready. Additionally, follow the instructions given concerning eating and drinking certain products, primarily if your surgeon will provide sedation or general anesthesia before the surgery. Finally, avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least eight hours before surgery.

How to Recover Quickly From the Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

You will want to avoid eating hard foods and chewing near the extraction site. Ensure you rinse with warm salt water around the extracted area and when food particles get stuck in the place of the extracted region. You should avoid using drinking straws while taking liquids such as soft drinks. Listen to your doctor and take the medication prescribed by your surgeon. You must avoid smoking during recovery.

Generally, the above ways can help during the preparation and recovery of the wisdom teeth removal surgery. However, it is normal to experience pain and bleeding after the surgery. If it is time for your wisdom teeth to come out, consult with our surgeon for specific pre- and post-surgery recommendations.

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