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Surgical Management of Orofacial Pain

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
A person holding their jaw in painEnduring mouth or facial pain severely impacts the quality of life. When conservative measures fail to resolve complex nerve-related pain, surgery may be indicated. Oral surgeons can perform procedures to deactivate or remove problematic nerves causing chronic discomfort.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery

Trigeminal neuralgia involves sudden, sharp facial pain from compressed or damaged trigeminal nerves. If medication and injections do not provide adequate relief, microvascular decompression (MVD) may help. This operation reroutes blood vessels rubbing on the trigeminal nerve root within the brain. Pain signaling calms with pressure eliminated.

Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Surgery

Rare glossopharyngeal neuralgia causes throbbing mouth/throat pain triggered by swallowing or coughing. Microvascular decompression to move vessels off compressed glossopharyngeal nerves can achieve pain control when other treatments fail. When surgery is not possible, surgeons may opt to selectively sever specific nerve pathways to interrupt the transmission of pain signals.

Neuroma Surgery

Trauma from dental procedures may damage sensory nerves, causing painful neuromas to form. Removing problematic neuroma tissue offers possible relief when locations allow. Follow-up surgery may embed nerve endings into the bone to prevent recurrent neuromas.

Nerve Repositioning Surgery

One common complication of wisdom tooth extraction is damage to the lingual or inferior alveolar nerve, which can cause distressing numbness or sensitivity in the tongue or lip. In certain situations, nerve repositioning surgery can be performed to alleviate nerve pain and address functional problems.

Scar Neuroma Surgery

In some cases, individuals may experience chronic mouth pain from scars even after undergoing procedures. To reduce this pain, removing scar tissue until healthy nerve endings are reached can allow for new and non-painful tissue growth. Additionally, cortisone injections can be used to reduce inflammation and relieve scar-related pain.

Complex Pain Management

A tailored combination of medication, injections, surgery, and therapy is often needed to resolve complex facial pain. Work closely with your oral surgeon to map an individualized plan that gives you the best chance at experiencing oral comfort and freedom. Alternative options are available for pain that does not respond to other treatments.

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