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Surgical Treatments for Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Dental ChairSleep disorders like snoring or obstructive sleep apnea can significantly disrupt restfulness and long-term health if airflow limitations or respiratory blockages plague the throat and nasal regions. When conservative measures like oral devices or positive air pressure machines cannot provide lasting relief, various surgical options by oral experts aim to correct the anatomy that drives these problems.

Careful Evaluations Guide Appropriate Approaches

Since anatomy differs from person to person, reputable surgeons start by conducting comprehensive clinical exams assessing bone and soft tissue structures contributing to airway narrowing or collapse. They review detailed CAT scans before tailoring combined treatment plans with the highest probability of positive outcomes.

Widening Passages Through Tissue Removal

Various minimally invasive tools and techniques allow surgeons to carefully remove excess soft tissues or small sections of bone/ cartilage while protecting surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and muscles for safe, quick recovery. Common targets involve trimming excessively large tonsils/ adenoids blocking the pharynx or refining the rear nasal openings.

Advancing Jaw or Chin Areas for Traction

In more severe instances, surgeons may permanently reposition the jaw, chin, or tongue attachments forward through orthognathic surgery or chin augmentation implants, providing added traction tension. These changes open the pharynx while counteracting tissue collapses that drive apnea and loud snoring. They also facilitate positive facial profile improvements.

Implanting Battery-Free Pacemaking Devices

If isolated tissue removal cannot fully resolve sleep disorder symptoms after review, surgeons may recommend an additional tiny nerve stimulator implant. This special pacemaking device activates critical tongue and throat muscles with signals during each breath. So, it serves as an automatic helper in re-opening airways if they collapse while sleeping. Since bioelectronic systems lack batteries, they integrate simply with natural inhale efforts for seamless, lasting therapy.

Discuss Integrated Treatment Options With Specialists

In summary, the least invasive sleep surgery approaches correct a broad spectrum of breathing problems without lengthy downtime. After personalized evaluations, oral experts tailor integrated plans from tissue trims to pacemaking implants, curating restful slumber and balanced health again. Discuss your options with our dental specialist.

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